We are game changers, looking to make a difference in our world


what is the push for burundi

The Push for Burundi is a distance longboarding campaign, where 3 young men (Caleb Sinn, Richard Charter and Jordan Smith) push incredible distances to raise awareness and funds for Burundi, Africa.

How did we come together?

The Push For Burundi Team is a collective of young people looking to create change around the world. We started off as an idea, Caleb's idea to be exact, and quickly formed into a real life movement gathering individuals as we rolled along. Each team member is hand picked and as a team we are all extremely passionate in fighting the injustice in the world and effecting change. One Push at a time we strive for change, we attract greatness and with this greatness we have been blessed with we WILL effect change.

why burundi

So you ask why Burundi? This is an extremely valid question, with plenty of answers. Caleb Sinn one of our co-founders was able to live in Burundi for a total of 7 months, (split in two trips) during his time there Caleb was able to connect with the people be it working along side them, teaching in a classroom or dreaming about a brighter future. After Caleb arrived home from his trip he became overwhelmed with the memories of Burundi and its people, wanting to effect change in a country that had become his second home Caleb banded together a group of friends with similar ideas of fighting injustice, took his love of longboarding and create Push For Burundi a movement that grows more and more everyday, changing the lives of our Burundian friends.

Moving Forward

Planning a Push is just as intense as pushing itself. We begin the year by getting logistics sorted out, finding partners who are interested in sponsoring us, and getting hyped as a team. This is where you come in. Any help you are able to provide goes a really long way, be it financial or maybe even, "Hey! I know a guy who would be down to lend you his van as a support vehicle." We then host and run sick fundraisers to raise awareness and support areas of need in Burundi. When it's time to Push, we go hard, longboarding large distances each day to accomplish our mission.


Each year Push For Burundi grows more and more, with that comes more opportunities to effect change. Currently Push For Burundi has partnered with World Vision and Long Miles Coffee Project to asses where the funds are needed most. Generally we prefer to support growth in Burundi, our latest endeavour a Coffee Farmer Training Centre where individuals are taught how to produce better coffee beans along with how to get the most for their efforts. However with the political unrest in Burundi currently we have had to become flexible in our efforts with the change in funds being distributed. With political unrest comes violence, violence then forces people to flee their homes and jobs leaving many families with no form of income. This knowledge being provided we have now partnered with a local Burundian organization funded through World Vision called Safe Chicks, what Safe Chicks does is gives the people of Burundi a chance to rise from the negative and fund the opportunity to start their own Chicken Business. Safe Chicks teaches many Burundi Families how to set up their own Chicken Farms and how to reestablish a form of income!