Part of the process - 1,126 km

You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.
— William Faulkner

Communication has been tricky the last week and, as those of you faithfully following our social media will be aware, the blog is not quite up to date.
We are very appreciative for your steadfast readership despite these delays and hope to catch up soon!

The story last left us in Revelstoke, en route to Vernon, by way of Sicamous.
Consensus of the journey was unanimous:
It was hot.

43 degrees outside meant shorter stints of pushing, where every 5 km push had to be followed by 30 min rest periods just to cool down. When they eventually made it to Sicamous, Andrew treated the guys to a much deserved ice cream treat at D Dutchman as they prepared for the excitement of a CBC radio interview the following morning [check it out here: ]
After Sicamous came the journey to Vernon, which began rainy, but fizzled out into a damp but precipitation free push. The days began feeling increasingly quicker and after a wonderful stay with their friend Pauli, Vernon to Kelowna felt like no time at all. The speed could be due to their increasing leg strength, or the fact that they stopped at 3 cafes over the course of the day and therefore had more caffeine running through their system than usual. You can decide.

A slurpee drop off & visit with Graeme Watt and Ben Rogers was a welcome surprise along the route to Kelowna, as their mentorship and support continues to mean so much to the team.
The second surprise was a lesson in balance—a welcome evening of slack lining with Brittany Knutson and friends in Kelowna.
Fun fact: Caleb enjoyed it so much he’s planning to purchase one and perfect the art.

In the succession of quick days, Kelowna to Penticton flew by and, although they didn’t partake in any Canada day festivities, the guys were fortunate to stay at a ski lodge at Apex Mountain for the night & into their rest day.
After a reenergizing steak meal and some lazy lounging, the guys took on the journey to Bromley Rock in a sweltering 41 degree push up the mountains and out of the Okanagan Valley. This was the day that went on forever, and although a theme throughout this push has been that the toughest days of last year have been better than anticipated, this one was far worse than they remembered.
At Bromley Rock the guys were without a resting place, since campsites were completely booked for the July long weekend. They were directed to a golf course in Princeton where they happened to catch the owner before he left on his motorbike, and ended up staying the night & camping on the course.
 The beauty of determination is that no matter how disruptive the path ahead becomes, you can push through in confidence that smoother roads lay ahead. 

The transition from familiar to new terrain is coming up for the guys! Stay tuned!