Pushing through- 775 km

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
— Earl Nightingale

Challenges are essential to any journey worth endeavouring and any change worth pursuing. In a significant way, they remind us that life is never stagnant and that you are far more resilient than you recognize.

Challenges are not about remaining in moments of inadequacy but about pushing through, despite discouragement along the way.

We develop patience in persistence.

From Canmore to Lake Louise, rain became one such obstacle in an otherwise wonderful segment of highway. The day was the team's favourite for pushing thus far, as they continued in the much loved mountainous terrain, but they were rerouted from their original goal of Field as poor weather eventually became too much. 
Their overnight modifications allowed them to visit Lake Louise, where the only downside of the trip was the large quantity of selfie-sticks they encountered along the way. The first 12 km out of Louise posed another battle, as both guys struggled with the wind conditions and the fleeting fear of death that accompanied the wild weather.

Further still on the setback list was Ten Mile Hill, a terrifyingly steep hill with no shoulders available for boarding on. The guys got in the van for the ten mile trip and then continued pushing into Golden, where they maneuvered construction, and were able to explore a bridge crossing the Blaeberry River.

Then, the journey from Golden to Glacier saw the departure of both ladies from the excursion and a sense of loss to the team as they venture forward to Portland. Naturally this led to a difficult day mentally; however, also became a reminder to focus outside of immediate circumstance and continue on in anticipation of their goal. 

Finally, the accumulation of heat and hunger caught up to Caleb and Jordan as they experienced some partial heat exhaustion and had to spend portions of the trip alternating rest time. Caleb had to catch up to Jordan after resting 20 km outside of Revelstoke, and the final 2 km felt like 20 miles to Jordan before they reached their destination.

Thankfully this is not a record of entirely discouraging events, as the team was met between Glacier and Revelstoke by Richard on his way to Slocan, and experienced perspective and clarity as they did a 60 km push through a tunnel and some more gorgeous mountain scenery.
They were also given the encouragement of community and rejuvenation through the company of Tim & Andrea Patz in Revelstoke, enjoying a delicious chili dinner, exquisite gelato and some blissful soaking time in a forest hot springs.

Fun facts of today's post:

  • The guys go through an average of 4.6L of water a day. Maybe no one else is shocked by that. But 4.6L! One day! There you go. The more you know. 
  • There were no hobbits or elves in the general vicinity of Blaeberry River, even though it sounds like a magical, wooded glen.
  • Lake Louise has officially been renamed "Lewis Lake". And by officially, we mean "Caleb & Jordan officially".   

Tales of Vernon and beyond await in the next instalment of the Push journey! Stay tuned!