Onward- 462 km

“Home is now behind you, the world is ahead!”
— J.R.R. Tolkien

With almost a fourth of their goal behind them, home is certainly diminishing farther into the background of prairies and sky.

Not that turning back was ever an option.

If anything the dramatically shifting scenery and the curving, downhill terrain are calling to Caleb & Jordan as they anticipate their next phase of pushing: the mountains.

First, a recap.
Leaving Caroline on Day 4, the increasingly chilly weather and more poor pavement conditions accompanied the team into Olds. Only thanks to the warmth of welcoming friendship, was the cold finally counteracted. Everyone enjoyed a refreshing and reenergizing stay at Jess' house- a friend of the team from Gull Lake Camp that will hopefully be rejoining the crew in Washington.

The encouraging hospitality and conversation gave the guys enough energy to engage in some trailblazing and mark out a different way to Cochrane on Day 5. The new route, plus an added 10 kms to their originally planned distance, meant the first ever rest day in Calgary was celebrated on Day 6!

Rest wasn't all the team had to celebrate. Along with extra time to stock up on supplies and a BBQ at Bowness Park, Rebekah Gulley and Becki Ramsay arrived to join the adventure and support the guys on their continuation to Portland.
The joy of new faces was bittersweet, as the team had to say goodbye to Dan's presence on the road and accept his return to work now that they had reached the city. 
Going on their second pair of shoes, and their second chapter of the journey, the guys took a while to settle back into their rhythm and experienced their latest start yesterday (Day 7). Lunch was accidentally forgotten, the wheels felt tight, and a mental & physical resistance were persistent as they headed to Canmore. Even on such an off day, Caleb & Jordan were reminded of the beauty in the journey and were able to appreciate the mountains that supplied their first day of mainly downhill travel. Somehow, despite delays and struggle, they got to Canmore the earliest they had arrived at any pre-established location. 

Fun Facts:

  • After five days straight of ingesting hot dogs, Jordan decided that, on one of their first opportunities to eat anything else, he would purchase for a hot dog from New York Fries. Needless to say, there was no rejoicing in that decision. Verdict: "It was gross."
    On the plus side, if their diet is any indication, budgets are clearly being maintained.
  • Boston accents have become a thing. As in, everyone is employing them as frequently as possible to entertain themselves.
  • Rebekah's family has supplied a place to stay for the Push team when they reach Portland! They just got the news and couldn't be more appreciative or grateful to the wonderful Gulley family!

The goal from Canmore is to push all the way to Field. Stay tuned for the next instalment, coming soon!