The beginning - 230 km

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts. 
--Winston Churchill

It seems surreal that days have already passed since the team's departure and, without fully realizing it, the dreams, plans and vision for this year's push are in motion.

Figuratively and quite literally.

The overwhelming support of so many, accompanied by the beautiful weather, helped commence the journey from Goldstick Park to Wetaskiwin. Surpassing the goal of 70 km in the first day, the guys added another 20 km to their scheduled destination and managed to push to Coal Lake, totalling 90 km by the end of Day 1! 

Victories typically taste sweeter after facing obstacles, and there were plenty of those as they struggled to navigate the non-pedestrian friendly roads of Edmonton. Even with the late start leaving the city, and lots of walking, due to terrain, they managed to exceed their initial expectations and felt energized enough to push further.

On Day 2 the end goal was Gull Lake, and everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful farmlands and countryside views as they tackled the strenuous uphills and downhills of Pigeon Lake area.
At one point Caleb and Jordan were maintaining 56 km/h on the rolling slopes, giving them some extra, much-needed rest time at Gull Lake.

Gull Lake to Caroline, AB presented the toughest stretch to the team thus far, as they endured really poor road quality and uncomfortably low temperatures. Even after a hopeful 1 1/2 km stint right after Sylvan, the smooth roadways soon dissolved into terrain that could only be described as "crap". The abandoned Range Roads were a welcome relief in an otherwise unpleasant Day 3, and they were able to end Thursday with the hot tub & hospitality of Camp Caroline.

Fun facts:

  • Hot dogs have been the food of choice for the start of their journey, keeping the team fuelled and going strong. 
  • Andrew and Dan, after long periods of driving and filming, have been doing 15 pushups every time the team stops- their own personal form of 'pushing'? (Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Stay tuned in a couple days for the adventures to Calgary and beyond! Also, keep following our social media for instant updates and tidbits!